Expanding Mandrel made by the gauge manufacturer in Japan Zero Chuck

Unique maintenance-free structure
Maintains 2.5μm accuracy

The 7 Features of 'Zero Chuck'

Maintenance-free proprietary structure! Ensures accuracy
permanently without the entry of dust or debris

The accuracy of an expandable mandrel decreases when foreign objects get trapped between the grooves and jaws. Conventional expandable mandrels carry the risk of foreign object contamination, potentially compromising precise inspections. The 'Zero Chuck' expandable mandrel is equipped with a debris-cutting mechanism, preventing the entry of dust and debris between the jaws and grooves. It can be used continuously with a precision of 2.5μm without the need for maintenance.

How to Use ‘Zero Chuck’

Zero Chuck' is an expandable mandrel with excellent operability. It can be easily handled by any operator without causing stress.

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Company Information

North American Sales Representatives
Precision Tools Service,Inc.

"In 1988, as the first overseas expansion for Toyo, we entered the United States and established ourselves as a top trading company dealing in Japanese tools. Japanese expatriates and American staff work together, contributing to the success of the Japanese automotive industry in North America. Currently headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, we have expanded our presence with 14 locations covering the Midwest, South, Canada, and the Automotive Belt region.

The manufacturer of Zero Chuck.

CEO Masanori Ito

Since our founding in 1927, we have honed our skills in the field of precision machining for over 90 years. The accumulated expertise and spirit are passed down continuously, contributing to the processing and assembly of inspection and measurement gauges and fixtures, and being utilized in various measurements.

Address4-10 Yanagishima-cho, Nakagawa-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi,
454-0024, Japan

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